Francesco Di Pietro is fantastic. Kind and helpful as well as his collaborators. Really a good person. When you enter his estate it seems to be in another dimension. Everything is clean and tidy and you are accompanied by piped music that opens your heart. We should go there only for the air of serenity that you breathe. And then there are them! His wonderful, clean and very polite dogs. He treats them like children and they are both aesthetically and temperamentally wonderful. An enchanted place where I will return soon to get a puppy when he has some available

Francesca Delle Piane

My Cavalier Alice was in very bad coat conditions caused by a bad toilet, a very bad dermatitis and an ear inflammation that no one had ever helped me to solve, indeed they had worsened the situation. Thanks to the suggested treatments and ozone therapy, Francesco with his professionalism, experience, but above all with the love he employs in his work, has made Alice reborn with a “new hair”. From the moment you enter into the Beauty Farm park and pension you realize how Francesco takes care of the animals and the dedication he has for them.
Claudio Zuccalà

I was this morning to book a puppy and I must say that as soon as you fly over the gate you enter a paradise with attention to the smallest details.
Francesco, the owner, is really a professional and helpful person … I recommend him to everyone!
Onorato Rotunno

Today I was in this unique place, with attention to every little detail. You enter this avenue where there is a very relaxing music, which accompanies you throughout the journey, there are flowers everywhere, and then the ducks, the hens, the swans …..
Francesco cared for my knight with love, I’m really happy to have come to him today! Heartfelt thanks Francesco, you are a great professional and above all you love all animals
Ilaria Cram

About a month ago, we gave our son a new life partner.
We were advised to turn to Francesco and the choice proved to be exceptional. Francesco raised and looked after our puppy in the first 3 months of life wonderfully and today we find ourselves with a very special, intelligent, polite and great companion dog.
After all, as soon as you arrive at Francesco’s you immediately realize that everything is special, music, flowers, serenity, a perfect environment.
Thank you very much Francesco, you are special.
Marcello Binda

Such an intense experience with a unique reality … passion, love, joy and professionalism. Francesco Di Pietro welcomed us into his kennel as if we were old friends. We received all the information we needed and instantly fell in love with our little Giotto.

The beauty and education of her dogs and the ever-present and continuous assistance of Francesco make everything truly wonderful.

And every day we ask ourselves … “but how have we done all this time without our Giotto?”
Daria Funaro

My two Scottish shepherds spend wonderful vacation days at the Domus Aventina. Happy and wagging when I greet them and in great shape when I take them back. Great attention to the well-being of the dogs from the accommodation, to the care of the coat and not a small thing .. to the state of health of our friends.
Monica Laudadio

I have been bringing my two dogs Scot and Lilli for years, the place is fantastic like all the staff but above all the owner who has always dedicated a lot of care and affection to my sick dog at all times and is a wonderful person with an exceptional sensitivity, professionalism and kindness.
In short, I really recommend it to everyone … truly a corner of paradise for our 4-legged friends!
Francesca Di Biagio

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