Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeding in Rome

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the dogs of happiness. No one like them has lenses on their eyes that look at the world with a special light.

The whole universe for a Cavalier is an immense garden where lizards warm themselves in the sun, butterflies color the air and flowers bloom even in winter. The solar year for him has only one season: the awakening of spring. Everything is a miracle for this eternal child, everything is exceptional to greet amazed, for his eyes in love with life.

It is a cure-all to have him next to you if you think that he not only lives for you, but wants to place his magical lenses on your heart to look at life through a smile. You become a better person if you hold such a being in your arms.

He just wants to live next to you, he doesn’t need anything else because you are the whole universe, you are time, complete and perfect and nobody ever like you.

Stretch a hand on his silky fur and listen: he is loving you without defenses and without reservations, he certainly looks at you and for all his life, as if each time were the first or the last, mixing in the light of his eyes a flicker of welcome and a goodbye tear forever. They must have selected him for this, to make men better to warm his heart and home, to turn the tinsel into gold and who knows, perhaps to satiate human beings with the inexhaustible hunger for omnipotence, because it is not enough for a Cavalier to say that in the world there is only you, he tells you that the world is you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Country of origin: Spain


The standard foresees large and dark eyes, round but not prominent, well spaced, possibly not allowing a glimpse of white.

The ears are long, set high with abundant fringes.

The teeth with scissor bite.

The neck of medium length, well arched.

The back straight, the medium bone.

Well positioned stifles, no tendency to vaccinate or closed hocks.

The tail must be set high and must be carried cheerfully but never above the topline.

The movement must be free and elegant.

The hair must be long, smooth and silky, without curls and with abundant fringes.

On average, it weighs from 5 to 9 kg and is easily transportable even by plane in the passenger cabin.


The standard defines it like this: active, graceful, well-proportioned dog, with a sweet character, full of life, affectionate, who is not afraid of anything, cheerful, sociable, not aggressive.

The Cavalier loves long walks and is a tireless walker, but is not a dog suitable for sleeping outdoors; if it were up to him, the best place for a nap would be his master’s bed, even if not everyone is willing to share a bed with a furry four-legged, so the Cavalier will be satisfied with a sofa or perhaps a warm bed.

He does not like loneliness, for him following his master everywhere is a reason for living, no matter where you go; it is very suitable for children and in the USA it is used for pet therapy. It is absolutely not aggressive either towards people or towards other dogs, and it is certainly a dog that eliminates stress thanks to its sweet look and its great affection.

He loves to please his human companion, which is why he is very easy to train and learns very easily, he almost never barks and he is absolutely not a watchdog … indeed, if he meets a thief he will surely party him.

It has a tendency to put on weight and her big black eyes will always make you believe she is literally starving, but that’s not the case; a fat Cavalier snores more and you certainly don’t do his health a favor, so no snacks.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel black with brown markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears, on the chest, on the limbs and under the tail.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with brown spots well distributed on a pearl white background, specular hazelnut mask on both eyes and in the middle of the flame; the spot, characteristic of this color, is desirable but not essential.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, one color deep red (white markings are not allowed in these two varieties).


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel tricolor, with well divided and distributed colors with markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears and under the tail.


Francesco Di Pietro is fantastic. Kind and helpful as well as his collaborators. Really a good person. When you enter his estate it seems to be in another dimension. Everything is clean and tidy and you are accompanied by piped music that opens your heart. We should go there only for the air of serenity that you breathe. And then there are them! His wonderful, clean and very polite dogs. He treats them like children and they are both aesthetically and temperamentally wonderful. An enchanted place where I will return soon to get a puppy when he has some available

Francesca Delle Piane

My Cavalier Alice was in very bad coat conditions caused by a bad toilet, a very bad dermatitis and an ear inflammation that no one had ever helped me to solve, indeed they had worsened the situation. Thanks to the suggested treatments and ozone therapy, Francesco with his professionalism, experience, but above all with the love he employs in his work, has made Alice reborn with a “new hair”. From the moment you enter into the Beauty Farm park and pension you realize how Francesco takes care of the animals and the dedication he has for them.
Claudio Zuccalà

About a month ago, we gave our son a new life partner.
We were advised to turn to Francesco and the choice proved to be exceptional. Francesco raised and looked after our puppy in the first 3 months of life wonderfully and today we find ourselves with a very special, intelligent, polite and great companion dog.
After all, as soon as you arrive at Francesco’s you immediately realize that everything is special, music, flowers, serenity, a perfect environment.
Thank you very much Francesco, you are special.
Marcello Binda

Such an intense experience with a unique reality … passion, love, joy and professionalism. Francesco Di Pietro welcomed us into his kennel as if we were old friends. We received all the information we needed and instantly fell in love with our little Giotto.

The beauty and education of her dogs and the ever-present and continuous assistance of Francesco make everything truly wonderful.

And every day we ask ourselves … “but how have we done all this time without our Giotto?”
Daria Funaro

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