Beauty Farm and Board for Dogs and Cats

domus aventina by francesco di pietro

A few kilometers from Rome, precisely at the beginning of the Braccianese, is the boarding house for dogs and cats personally managed by Francesco Di Pietro with the help of qualified personnel.

After the entrance gate, you will find yourself in a quiet valley surrounded by olive groves: here is the structure destined to accommodate our pets. The pension is located in a large valley in the shade of centuries-old olive groves where dogs can have fun and breathe pure air, away from smog and city chaos.

Recently a part of the farm park has been renovated and enlarged with good taste, with tall trees that create shady areas and a pleasant path in the middle of the green, where you can also admire a lovely pond for swans.

We take great care of the nutrition of our four-legged guests and we try to keep it as equal as possible to the home habits of your dog and cat, but if there was a little lack of appetite given by homesickness, there will be no lack of succulent treats for them.

The dogs will go out regularly in the morning and afternoon, taking turns to avoid arguments between them.

We will try to make your pet friends’ stay a peaceful holiday, also made pleasant by all the comforts our boxes are equipped with: real “suites” that will put our four-legged friends at ease.

In a part of the box, closed, heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer, our friends will have their own kennel. Another part of the box, on the other hand, is open: a small covered garden where the animals can go out at their leisure, even at night.

In the morning, all our guests, divided by size, are let out in the large park, where they can run and play with the other dogs.

In the meantime, the boxes are carefully cleaned and disinfected.

Guests will return to the boxes in the afternoon: upon return, each dog is brushed and cleaned in order to keep his coat tidy and under control. Upon request or if necessary, the guest will be carefully washed and prepared upon returning home with the help of quality products that have been tested for some time, which will give your friend’s coat a new shine and shine.

After the siesta dinner will be served.


The nutrition is very accurate and all the dogs and cats staying at the Domus Aventina will be given the same diet that their owners usually prepare regularly; the diet is therefore personalized, always using top quality products, also providing owners with useful advice on nutrition in relation to the breed and type of dog and cat.

For the feeding of the dogs in our kennel we rely on high quality products from the “Trainer” company, which we always highly recommend. The foods used are beef or chicken, boiled rice or toast, croquettes or cans of the best brands: the menu is always chosen by the owner of the animal.

Ozone therapy



Ozone is an unstable gas whose molecules are made up of three oxygen atoms. It is formed in the atmosphere by the action of ultraviolet radiation, or with the electrical discharges that occur during thunderstorms and which act on oxygen. In the presence of electrical discharges, the oxygen molecules break down and the decomposed atoms bond with other intact oxygen molecules, producing OZONE (O2 + O = O3).


Its bactericidal, fungicidal and inactivating characteristics of viruses were already known at the end of the 19th century (Sonntag 1890). The first water treatment and disinfection plants date back to the early 1900s (Siemens and Halske, 1902, Germany; De la Coux, 1904, Nice).

Today large cities such as Amsterdam, Moscow, Paris and Turin use ozone to purify their water. Humidity and water have an important influence on the bactericidal power of Ozone.


Ozone therapy, combined with traditional treatments, can be used to achieve faster healing than those with medical treatment alone.

Skin diseases occur more easily in dogs that are washed little, in this case germs and bacteria proliferate, with harmful consequences for the dog’s coat and skin. For dermatological problems such as pyoderma, dermatitis, malassezia, skin irritation, seborrhea, redness, itching, dandruff etc., ozone therapy offers a valid contribution, as it stimulates tissue regeneration and promotes the healing process. Ozone also acts as an antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory activity.

In the case of hydrotherapy, in addition to the disinfectant and healing characteristics of ozone, the treatment causes an increase in body temperature and an increase in blood flow; it also stimulates a series of beneficial effects, such as raising the level of oxygen and nutrients that reach every part of the body, promoting muscle relaxation.

The treatment is particularly suitable for elderly and stressed dogs, with dermatological problems or post-traumatic stress or hysterical and moulting pregnancies, but it can also be indicated in the intake of medicines, obviously under veterinary supervision.


Francesco Di Pietro is fantastic. Kind and helpful as well as his collaborators. Really a good person. When you enter his estate it seems to be in another dimension. Everything is clean and tidy and you are accompanied by piped music that opens your heart. We should go there only for the air of serenity that you breathe. And then there are them! His wonderful, clean and very polite dogs. He treats them like children and they are both aesthetically and temperamentally wonderful. An enchanted place where I will return soon to get a puppy when he has some available

Francesca Delle Piane

My Cavalier Alice was in very bad coat conditions caused by a bad toilet, a very bad dermatitis and an ear inflammation that no one had ever helped me to solve, indeed they had worsened the situation. Thanks to the suggested treatments and ozone therapy, Francesco with his professionalism, experience, but above all with the love he employs in his work, has made Alice reborn with a “new hair”. From the moment you enter into the Beauty Farm park and pension you realize how Francesco takes care of the animals and the dedication he has for them.
Claudio Zuccalà

About a month ago, we gave our son a new life partner.
We were advised to turn to Francesco and the choice proved to be exceptional. Francesco raised and looked after our puppy in the first 3 months of life wonderfully and today we find ourselves with a very special, intelligent, polite and great companion dog.
After all, as soon as you arrive at Francesco’s you immediately realize that everything is special, music, flowers, serenity, a perfect environment.
Thank you very much Francesco, you are special.
Marcello Binda

Such an intense experience with a unique reality … passion, love, joy and professionalism. Francesco Di Pietro welcomed us into his kennel as if we were old friends. We received all the information we needed and instantly fell in love with our little Giotto.

The beauty and education of her dogs and the ever-present and continuous assistance of Francesco make everything truly wonderful.

And every day we ask ourselves … “but how have we done all this time without our Giotto?”
Daria Funaro

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